Welcome to the GARDASIL Access Program

In 2007, the GARDASIL Access Program was established to help enable organizations and institutions in eligible lowest income countries to gain operational experience designing and implementing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination projects, with the goal of supporting the development of successful child and adolescent immunization models.

The GARDASIL Access Program has since donated more than one million doses of GARDASIL – enough to vaccinate more than 445,900 eligible girls – which enabled organizations and institutions in 21 eligible lowest income countries to implement small scale HPV vaccination projects.

From Africa to Asia and Latin America, these experiences provided helpful information about the feasibility of HPV vaccine delivery in developing country settings. Recently, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, a public-private partnership focused on increasing access to immunization in developing countries, opened the funding window for HPV vaccines – giving countries the opportunity to sustainably introduce the vaccine through a demonstration or national program.

In this context and following consultation with a wide array of stakeholders, including World Health Organization (WHO), GAVI the Vaccine Alliance, PATH, other public health organizations, select ministries of health and some GARDASIL Access Program participants, Merck and Axios Healthcare Development (AHD) have decided that the GARDASIL Access Program will no longer be awarding doses of GARDASIL to new projects. However, Merck's full donation commitment of at least three million doses of GARDASIL will be honored and options for how remaining doses of GARDASIL could be used are currently being explored. Importantly, commitments to already-awarded projects will continue to be honored.

In addition, collecting information from past and current Program participants by AHD will continue to be a key focus as a means of sharing the data and experience from the GARDASIL Access Program with the public health community.

For any questions about the GARDASIL Access Program, please contact GARDASILaccess@axiosint.com.

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